Rely on decades of experience in the sphere of storage and processing of liquid foods and sensitive substances, over 250 highly motivated and competent employees as well as spatial and technical capabilities that make words like “impossible” a thing of the past. Build on a partner that manages your project from A to Z and is only satisfied when you are satisfied. We always look for the best solution. To ensure that the use of your system also makes sense in the long term in terms of profitability, safety and quality. Welcome to the world of SCHWARTE PROCESSING!

Tank construction

A first-class machinery park, pioneering production methods and over 250 highly motivated employees – it is not for nothing that SCHWARTE PROCESSING ranks among the market and technology leaders for stainless steel tank systems.

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Apparatus construction

We offer a wide range of different instruments and special solutions that are deployed for the gentle and safe processing of your raw materials.

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The SCHWARTE PROCESSING service team is always by your side - whether you need spare parts, maintenance or advice.

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The expansion of our production facilities in Olsztyn and Koszalin, the permanent further development of our technology department, and over 60 years of production experience constitute the perfect basis for providing custom-fit solutions.

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In 60 years, we have learnt quite a lot. For instance, to listen.

One thing you can rely on completely is that we take the time to deal with your challenges. Based on their many years of experience and expertise, our engineers know exactly which questions they must ask, which guidelines must be followed, and which technologies are especially well suited for your purposes. Because a conscientious and thorough consultation is the be-all and end-all of every project.

With the latest technologies. And a lot of passion for detail.

The times in which many things were tested out and technical drawings were prepared in a time-consuming fashion are a thing of the past. Our construction teams work with state-of-the-art CAD systems like Autocad and Inventor to translate ideas into sophisticated tank and instrument solutions which are tailored to your specific requirements down to the smallest detail. This is where we devote all our know-how and all our passion.

We are open to everything. Except surprises.

Our company lays a special emphasis on project planning. Because that´s where we set the course to make sure that the project fully meets your requirements and wishes, the cost remains within the set budget framework, and the planned schedule is suitable. Hence we prepare a road map in advance, in which the individual project steps are defined exactly and alternative procedures are outlined in the event that there should once be more than one possible approach. This way, any surprises are excluded from the outset. And you are always informed about the status of your project in as much detail as possible.

Good ideas put into shape.

From a simple tank to advanced process tanks with additional equipment and complete systems for the entire production cycle, with our experienced experts, modern production facilities and a comprehensive equipment, we are also prepared for the most demanding challenges. This also applies to large quantities, tight deadlines, and complex special constructions. The high quality of our products is based on European standards and sets of rules like AD 2000, TÜV, UDT Rules as well as DIN and PN standards. To make sure that the above standards are observed at any time, our engineers monitor the entire production process from incoming orders to customer acceptance.

Precision landing: Ensuring that quality goals are achieved.

Precision, carefulness, timeliness - attributes you can also rely upon for the installation of your system. Insofar as their dimensions make it possible, we assemble them completely in our factory, carry out thorough functional and tightness tests, and then transport them in one piece. If the size of your system is too big, we bring it to you in as fewer single elements as possible. Then our experienced assemblers ensure that you can put it in operation as quickly as possible and that you are fully satisfied. Because this is by far the most important thing for us.

No transport like any other. Rather a case for specialists.

At the same time, large containers are a big challenge in terms of logistics. For this reason, we work with partner companies that are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and can ensure transport by road, rail, ship and plane within and beyond the borders of the European Union. This also includes the organisation of special permits, police escort and traffic changes. Following the professional installation and initial commissioning of the unit, we instruct your staff in detail, also regarding the correct upkeep and simple maintenance of the system.


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