The good remains better. With our process and mixing tanks

Schwarte Milfor process and mixing tanks are the ideal solution for the safe and gentle processing of a wide range of products. Our multi-level, vertical and horizontal systems are used in a large number food and chemical industry sectors - as reactors, condensers, dissolving tanks, homogenizers and crystallizers. We equip our mixing tanks with powerful stirrers that are tailored to your system.

On account of our production facilities and our high level of expertise, we can warrant an optimal selection of drives, best mixing performance, thorough cleaning, and a perfect adjustment to your process conditions.

  • Stirring units

    Magnetic mixers, aseptic propellers, non-aseptic propellers, gyro mixers and/or turbo turbo mixers, paddle mixers, anchor mixers, lattice mixers, skimmers, ribbon-blade mixers and other types according to customer requirements

  • Processes

    Overpressure, underpressure, steam sterilisation, broad operating temperature range

  • Material

    Stainless steel 304, 316L, 321 and its derivates, as well as duplex and Hastelloy

  • Volume

    up to 400.000 l

  • Installation options of external and internal tanks

    on feet, on bearings, on skirt support, and on support constructions