We supply silo tanks for liquid, semi-liquid and solid products in various dimensions right up to large-size tanks as multi-level systems as well as vertical and horizontal systems. Our tanks are used for milk products, food, confectionery production, and in the beer industry as well as fruit and vegetable processing industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry.
  • Material

    Stainless steel 304, 316L, 321 and its derivates, as well as duplex steels and Hastelloy

  • Volume

    up to 1.000.000 l

  • Installation options of external and internal tanks

    On feet, on bearings, on skirt support, and on support constructions

  • Heating/cooling

    Various heating/cooling jacket solutions depending on temperature, heating/cooling medium and pressure

  • Insulation

    Depending on cooling jacket and installation site out of chloride-free wool or polyurethane foam – stainless steel outer panelling, coated trapezoidal sheet and other materials

  • Equipment

    Nozzles, aseptic valves, manholes, control/measuring systems, spray balls, ladders, platforms, inspection glasses with illumination, and other equipment according to customer requirements

  • Surface design

    according to sector, product and requirements; GMP and HAACP standards